Our History

The Link House Trust has been providing a link of hospitality, friendship and support to international graduate students for 25 years, it serves as a community and 'home away from home' to help students connect to their new environment. The Trust has three properties in total, the last property was completed in May 2010.  Combined, the properties have rooms to accommodate up to forty students. Since opening our doors in 1988 more than eight hundred students from over one hundred countries have enjoyed the experience of living at one of the Link House houses.

International postgraduate students arriving in the UK for the first time and coming to Cambridge to study, often experience problems adjusting to a different culture, with an unfamiliar language, different foods, climate and customs. It can be lonely and difficult, separated from family and friends back home.

Link House is a local Christian response to the needs of these students, who will be returning home in due course, to take up positions of influence in their government, in universities and professions as well as in industry and commerce. Link House aims to help build bridges of understanding between these key people (of different faiths and cultures, including many from developing countries) for the future and for world peace.