When coming to live at Link House, applicants must be aware that they are not just renting a room, but are entering a house with a family atmosphere and resident wardens. To achieve this, Link House Trust agrees to provide the following facilities and residents agree to the following conditions of residency:


We require, on arrival, payment for the remainder of the current month, plus a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent. At the end of your stay, charges may be deducted from your deposit for any damage to property and/or furnishings.

Rents are payable monthly on the 1st day of the month and are inclusive of heating, hot water, lighting, and use of washing machine and dryer. Rents are also payable during periods of absence.

Residency is granted initially for a period up to one year. Further periods of up to one year may be allowed at the discretion of the wardens. One month’s notice is required by residents intending to leave Link House permanently and must be emailed to Link House Trust reserves the right to charge one month’s rent in lieu of a notice.  Link House Trust will give one month’s notice if it requires a resident to leave.


The houses are well equipped with communal kitchens, dining areas and living rooms. A communal television and DVD player are available in each house. Students planning to watch TV in their rooms, or on any electronic device/laptop, must purchase a TV licence to avoid fines. Please refer to: Please note that TV Licensing Authority inspections can/do occur at random.

Free WiFi is provided. Users of this facility must ensure the security of their own personal devices while connected to this network.  Link House Trust takes no responsibility for data damage or loss incurred through the use of this facility; it is to be used at the residents' own risk.

Each resident is entitled to storage space in a kitchen cupboard, refrigerator and freezer, so for reasons of hygiene no food may be kept in residents' bedrooms. No cooking or kettles are allowed in bedrooms.

Communal areas (lounge, dining room, kitchen, laundry etc) should be tidied after use.

Washing machines, dryers and washing lines are provided for the sole use of residents: clothes must not be washed or dried in rooms.

The Garden Room is available, by pre-booking, for residents to use for communal, social or other suitable purposes. It has a table tennis table as well as facilities to serve and eat food. It is bookable through the Wardens. The Garden room should be vacated by 10.30pm

Bicycles can be kept free of charge in the allocated racks provided. Please note that the undercover bicycle parking at the Lodge is strictly for the residents of the Lodge.


Furniture, fittings, pillows and duvets and bedding are provided in each room. Residents are responsible for washing their own bed linen.

Walls should not be defaced by fixing pictures, etc, with nails, sellotape or adhesive pads.

In the interests of safety, no candles, incense or naked flames are permitted in bedrooms

Residents are responsible for cleaning and tidying their own rooms. On vacating a room it must be left in the same condition as when first occupied. Furniture and fittings, and allocated kitchen storage spaces must also be left cleaned and in good condition. The room will be inspected for maintenance and decoration purposes on a termly basis and also the week before departure to determine possible cleaning needs. Charges will be deducted from the deposit for damage or neglect. Access to residents room may also be required to undertake repairs and maintenance.

The houses are all centrally heated and a warm temperature is maintained for the comfort of students. Other heaters must not be used in bedrooms.


All rooms are let strictly on a single occupancy only basis and no overnight guests are allowed in residents room under any circumstances. Violation of this condition will void your tenancy agreement.

Residents’ visitors are welcome at Link House only between the hours of 8am - 11pm. Visitors from out of town may stay in the designated guest rooms only (charges from £15 per single per night) which should be pre-booked with the wardens

Visitors are not permitted in the kitchen or laundry areas; these areas are reserved for the use of the residents only.

Each resident is directly responsible for their guests’ conduct.


Due to City Council regulations, there is no parking available to residents, or the guests of residents, at The Lodge, East Hertford St. or the Chesterton Road houses.  Breaches of these regulations could have serious consequence for the Trust. In signing the rental agreement, residents agree not to:-

- Keep a car in Cambridge

- Park a motor vehicle in the garden between 17/19 Chesterton Road and 7 East Hertford Street or in the surrounding residential streets

- Apply for or seek to obtain a resident’s on-street parking permit in Cambridge.

 In Addition

Residents are responsible for arranging insurance for personal belongings if required.

All residents are required to assist in the security of the house by ensuring doors are closed properly when exiting the property and closing opened lower floor windows when leaving unoccupied rooms.

A rota for basic duties is posted and all residents are expected to participate.

Smoking, alcohol and the use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited in the houses. Smoking is only allowed in the designated outside area.

No animals may be kept.

General good conduct, in keeping with the ethos of the Trust is expected. Residents deliberately breaking conditions of residency may be given one month’s notice. In situations of gross misconduct (risk to property/person) residents may be asked to leave immediately.

Any query in the interpretation of the terms of the rental agreement or conditions of residency should be discussed with the Wardens in the first instance. If the matter cannot be resolved it shall be taken to the Trustees who will have the final say.